Heart Path Oracle Cards

"All is healed - because you know in your core that you never were broken. The pain of lack in the stories you define yourself by is filled up and overflowing - with love."
~ Gail Brenner

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The Heart Path Oracle Deck
53 Card 125 Page Booklet  
Published by Bear and Company
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"It seems these images were stolen from the gods themselves."
Alexiel Raynes -
Referring to the Heart Path Oracle Deck

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The Heart Path Oracle Cards have been created to help bring beauty and balance into your life. The messages contained within this deck allow you to access new and loving energies that will inspire, empower, and heal. The messages contained within are not predictive, they are here to gently guide you knowing you have all the wisdom and knowledge within.


Anna Jedrziewski review of Heart Path Oracle Cards

Nadine Gordon-Taylor has spent decades listening for the nonverbal messages sent to the physical plane by the higher consciousness. In this heartfelt deck she has incorporated intricate symbolism from the world of myth, color, shamanism, and sacred geometry in order to offer readers a gateway to their higher awareness.

Her insightful interpretations in the full-color companion book make that higher wisdom accessible to beginners as well as experienced psychics. Readers can work through her collected wisdom or dive right in and see how these multi-layered cards speak to them directly.

It’s a beautiful deck, arriving just in time to offer healing to a stress-worn world. For those who like to meditate on one card image every morning, there is an affirmation to carry with the card image through the day.

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The Heart Path Oracle Cards, by Nadine Gordon-Taylor - by Allyson Seal

The Heart Path Oracle Cards, by Nadine Gordon-Taylor
Bear & Company, 1591433903, 53 cards, 128 pages, September 2020

The Heart Path Oracle Cards
tell stunning, evocative stories through rich imagery. Nadine Gordon-Taylor, artist and author, offers us the beauty of the natural and the mythic world with incredible technical skill and a visceral understanding of color. Each of these 53 cards holds the galaxy within them.

Gordon-Taylor is able to render exquisite details in a surrealist landscape. Her intimate understanding of the natural world allows this vivid imagery to come alive. The images themselves are portals, offering an initiation into the energy they hold. Each card comes with text that aids you in understanding the transmission of the image if this visual way of understanding the universe is new to you. The visual depth of each card also allows you to put the book aside for your own journey and information to emerge.

Gordon-Taylor holds an MFA and EdD. She is a classically-trained visual artist. She has a depth of knowledge of both the natural world and the mythological one. The accompanying book offers a vivid description of what is held within the card itself. She includes a channeled message of the card as well as an affirmation to anchor the energy of that card in your body. It is a helpful tool, particularly if you are a beginner in using oracle decks, to deepen your intimacy with yourself and with the more than human world.

‍I confess, I quickly put aside the booklet, more drawn to the imagery than the writing. As someone who sits with clients regularly, tarot or oracle deck in hand, I found that these cards deepen the divinatory and narrative arc of the reading. They are generous in how they invite you into the mysteries of yourself, of the natural world, of the cosmic and elemental energies swirling around us just waiting to be acknowledged.

One thing I loved about this deck as I sat with clients is how deftly it moved from the mundane to the inner realms of the heart to the outer realms of the galactic. Each card holds the human-being experience, and how it is that we root into the earth and reach up to the stars.

As a white person working with a variety of decks, I appreciate in this deck that there are different races and ethnicities as well as some variation in body size.

There are some cards that feel like initiations into the deeper mysteries. Some cards that remind you it gets better. These cards can be an instruction on your spiritual path. “Programming your Highest Intentions” is a card that invites you to use the power of intention to change the reality of your everyday life. There is a playful irreverence to some of the messages. This artist allows vitality and play as a through-line to her work.

My favorite card, “The Connection” invites you to take deep breaths. A woman-tree at the center of a grove of trees is circled by lambs and her tree family. Above, helping guides offer peace and love. The trees themselves take the shape of a heart. The use of light and shadow brings both grace and soft intensity. It reminds you that you are always held in the nest of the universe.

‍The guidebook is practical and accessible as it speaks to these great cosmic archetypes and energies. It is a tool that will meet you where you’re at and invite you to go deeper into what you are seeing and feeling with the imagery. There is a glossary at the back of the book to support you in your growth and learning, if you come to these cards as a beginner. I celebrate the work to take these profound energies and make them accessible.

Each card is laid out so that the painting fills the majority of the frame. The text of the card gives both title and baseline instruction. Take deep breaths, setting boundaries, manifest your dreams, birthing a new life. In this way, you can be in imaginal space and communion with the card without having to refer to the book. The book will take you deeper if you desire it. For me, the style of writing didn’t land with how I receive and understand information.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards are truly for anyone who wants help in deepening understanding the messages of love that are offered to us from the unseen world, from the natural world, from our own bodies and hearts. It is a fantastic beginner deck because it delves into profound concepts in accessible ways. For me, this deck inspires me to get outside, to breathe, and to remember my vital, small role in the great organism of the universe.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards, by Nadine Gordon-Taylor

Inspired2Craft - rated it it was amazing

I really have to say that with the many different oracle cards out there, this is quite an amazing set to add to anyone's collection! The entire set of The Heart Path Oracle Cards by Nadine Gordon-Taylor is so simple to use, for beginners or advance card readers. It's quite different from a typical tarot set as well as other oracle card sets. This is one that doesn't have any negative responses or feelings when getting an answer. So no fearing needs to be felt when pulling a card or a few. Instead, this is just more of a forecasting of answers that need help and guidance, and to keep you feeling connected with your own self-expression and motivational encouragement to keep a positive and happy spirit, each and every day!

Here is the best part, the entire set is made with cute nature illustrations that are just so beautiful. I love the way it expresses these close to realistic and bold illustrations. Since I love animals, plants, and the real world outdoors, this card set really makes me feel happy every time I look at them, no matter how I'm feeling inside. Additionally, I find myself more grounded and alive when I'm with nature. So this divination set is one that really connects with me!

When you do the layout, which can be done any way you'd like. A perk with these cards is that the author allows us to know that there is no right or wrong way to use them for a reading. So if you want to be creative and try something different, I'd say go right ahead. It is free to be and do as you please to get your response.

The one difference with this set compared to so many others that I've tried is that you can't rely on them to be used for giving a yes and no response. Not saying it's a bad thing to ask, but instead of those crazy 8 ball style questions, you can now get a more in-depth and encouraging answer when reading the cards in this pile. So to ask for some help due to a bad or good situation can finally be answered in full. As well as a past, present, future, and even a fourth card for the outcome can be another layout that may be used. No matter the question, just think of it as looking for a throughout the response to something that needs solving or answered in your life.

Once again, I must say that there are so many possibilities you can get for answers when questioning these cards and doing a specific layout. questions that need answering, but as mentioned before, it's more than yes or no, it's about the inspirational, thoughtful answers that aid in your must need to know questions. Plus, it can be done as you read for yourself, which I've found I do most on a daily basis to get a calm and refreshed feeling that I can tackle anything today. Also, if not for just you, it can be used to read for another as well as possibly the two of you, when both of you shuffle the cards.

So, all and all, to keep spirits high, to avoid feeling terrified or scared of things to come I would suggest this to be a wonderful set for anyone, young and beginning out or older. I feel that using these cards on a daily basis has really has sparked my inner-body to feel so much more motivated and high spirited. In addition, it has changed how I feel daily and brings relief to my everyday life as well as the courage to do what I need to get done.

June 2021 Midwest Book Review: The Heart Path Oracle Cards, by Nadine Gordon-Taylor

Animal Love Oracle CardsNadine Gordon-TaylorBear & Company c/o Inner Traditions International, Ltd.One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767, $30.00, Card Deck

Synopsis: Beautifully illustrated with images of animals from around the world, including bears, cats, dragonflies, lions, manatees, otters, puffins, turtles, and zebras, the 52 full-color cards of this animal-centered deck were designed to resonate with the wisdom of the animals and universal love. The animals that appear on each card are your mentors and will guide you with profound insights to help accelerate your journey and align you with the energies of the heart. As you work with the cards, you step through an opening uniting you with your higher consciousness and new loving energies that will inspire, empower, and heal. The deck includes 50 animal cards as well as 2 "wild cards" featuring mythological creatures: the mermaid and the unicorn.

In the accompanying guidebook, artist Nadine Gordon-Taylor explains how to intuitively use the deck. For each card, she offers a detailed message, an explanation of its animal symbols, and three affirmations to help you embody the wisdom of the animal mentors shown on the card and transform limiting thoughts and patterns. The messages of the cards are not predictive. They were channeled to gently guide you and help you discover that you have all the wisdom and knowledge you need within yourself. Let this deck give you a loving nudge in the direction of your dreams. Know animals are holding you in the heart of Divine Love.

Critique: Beautifully designed and unique among oracle card decks, "Animal Love Oracle Cards: Advice, Compassion, and Wisdom from Our Animal Mentors" is especially an unreservedly recommended for personal and professional metaphysical studies in general, and Tarot/Spirit Guide students and practitioners in particular.

Editorial Note: Nadine Gordon-Taylor, MFA, EdD, is a classically trained artist who focuses on the animal kingdom and its symbolic connection to humans. She received her master of fine arts in painting from Long Island University and her doctorate in art education from Columbia University. She has taught for more than 30 years, including giving lectures and workshops across the country, and her drawings, prints, and paintings have been exhibited and are in collections around the world. The creator of The Heart Path Oracle Cards, she also runs a gallery, Third Eye Arts, in the town of Peekskill, New York.

Winter Reads for Enlightenment by Renee Blodgett

We love this intuitive oracle deck which is vividly illustrated with images of animals and esoteric symbols along with channeled messages of Universal love.

It makes a great holiday gift or any token of appreciation. The Heart Path includes 53 full-color cards and a 128-page full-color guidebook.If you’re into sacred geometry, art, culture and especially curious about symbolism, you’ll receive a channeled message of love, and an affirmation for each of these riveting cards.If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love the connection to the various animals represented in this deck, from deer, bison, bluebirds, and ladybugs to platypus, ferns, ankhs, and the Tree of Life. They are soulful and beautifully illustrated throughout.She includes birds, insects, plants, esoteric symbols, and transformative myths from around the world — think of the deck and accompanied book as a gateway into the path of the heart, which is where Spirit works best.Cards are a great way to connect you to your higher consciousness.

The author explains how to use the cards intuitively in order to uncover unconscious emotional patterns, and help to shift us from old ways of thinking, so we may better resonate with the vibration of unconditional love. Cards include Programming Your Highest Intentions, Vision Questing, Karmic Forgiveness, Spiritual DNA, and Melody of Thought.Designed to be felt rather than intellectually experienced, the symbols on the cards offer profound insights to help you along your path. Grab this deck over on Amazon.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love

The Heart Path Oracle Cards was originally an independently published deck that is now in its second edition, and re-published by Bear and Company. This box set contains a deck of 53 cards and a guidebook. The box is heavily laminated, reusable and sturdy. The cards are large, un-laminated and of excellent quality stock.

The cards themselves depict images of symbols, animals, plants, and people of all ethnicities. The symbols are dreamlike and reach directly into the subconscious. The colors are muted, and beautifully rendered. Each card contains a message, One of the cards, for example, is called The Journey: Nothing is as it seems. The subscript says, “being true to yourself.”

The guidebook contains a message from the author, instructions on how to use the deck and deeper interpretations for each card. These are broken down into the topic of the card itself, a message for your higher, or authentic self, and an affirmation.

These cards are a wonderful way to delve to one's true heart. They are great for meditation, for exploring one's higher self, or just checking in to see how you are doing. I found journaling along with using the cards an excellent way to document one's journey. Sleep with them as well, and keep a dream journal handy. You'll be surprised as to how accurate they can be. Be creative, and let the cards guide you to your true heart.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love

“Nadine Gordon-Taylor’s Heart Path Oracle Deck is clarity and beauty. I met Nadine Gordon-Taylor as a Makeup Artist for Nadine’s Interview on New Realities TV with Alan Seinfeld. The artwork is intricate and symbolic from many disciplines.  A blessing to our current Socially Distanced environment. I feel the Intention in them and often use them, especially now, when connecting with family and friends and sharing our intentions and deep consideration over FaceTime or Zoom. After we’ve reconnected I will draw a card for them. I then take a photo of the image and text it to them so they can look at it while I read the message to them. Twice now we’ve all experienced goosebumps as the Interpretations speak to everything we shared. Literally one friend spoke about craving popcorn and the first sentence was…The card you have chosen shows a very agile snow leopard slowly descending a mountain of popcorn, completing an amazing sharing with ones we love. “

Jennifer Snowdon, Makeup Artist for Film/TV/Online Lessons, NYCMAKEITUPTRUE

The Heart Path Oracle Cards

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful Hearth Path Oracle cards you have created. They always soothe me and give me a fresh perspective when I use them. I have shared and given as gifts to several people. Thank you for making them! Words cannot explain how much I appreciate them.

Elizabeth, NY