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READINGS: If anyone is interested in having me do a Zoom reading for a small group  (4-8 people) you can contact me by text or email. People will pull the card and I will talk about what comes up for the person. The amount of time spent with each person varies but is usually about fifteen minutes. I find that there is something in each card for everyone in the group. The session usually is an hour and a half - but I will go up to two hours. The only requirement is that each person who comes to the session has "The Heart Path Oracle Cards" deck.

This Zoom link is a reading I was asked to do for an existing group.

The images I create are here to add beauty and meaning to your life. They are to be meditated on and enjoyed. The symbols that appear in each piece have important information to share with you. There are layers of meaning in every image I create. Each time you look at my paintings you will receive new and meaningful insights and experience balance and beauty. The symbols will guide you with profound insights that will help you along your path. They will only reveal to you what you are ready to hear.

I am so glad you are here with me to experience the evolution of Heart-Based Consciousness together. The artwork I create and the messages I write are here to add beauty and meaning to your life and energetically shift the planet. The symbols that are downloaded into my work have important information to share with you. They are encoded with layers and layers of meaning and it is vital that you take the time to meditate and reflect on the one/s your higher self is attracted to and selects. Be open and receptive and all will be revealed to you in perfect timing.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”
~ Meister Eckhart

about the artist



Dr. Nadine Gordon-Taylor has had the ability to channel and experience other beings since childhood. She maintains two galleries (Third Eye Arts and SIA Gallery) in Peekskill, New York. There she sells her art and runs a weekly new age support group. Born in NYC, NY, while attending high school and college, she studied at the Art Students League. She earned a BA with a concentration in printmaking and art history at Hunter College and her MFA in painting from LongIsland University. Her EdD in Art is from Columbia University. She has studied comparative religion and alternative healing modalities to help inform her art.
Before embarking on her journey as an intuitive artist and working with universal and intuitive symbols, Nadine focused on photorealist drawings and paintings of her shadow, integrating, embracing, and honoring her dark side. She has taught publicly and privately for over thirty years and has lectured and given workshops across the country. Her prints, drawings and paintings have been exhibited and are in collections around the world.

... "I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."
~ Lewis Carroll

soul animals

Soul Animals

Soul animals are spiritual guides here to teach and protect you on your earthly journey. The power they have is in direct proportion to the attention you give them. They are part of your higher-self and function as a projection leading you to truth and your awakening.Turn off your mind and allow the frequency of the heart to attract your soul animal. Included with each image you purchase is a message and affirmation from your soul animal. All advice comes from heart-based consciousness.



“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”
~ Richard Bach

spirit narratives


Spirit Narratives are channeled or “downloaded” images that I receive when creating intuitive paintings for family, friends, and clients. If you find yourself drawn to them, they are for you as well. After each painting is finished, I write a 5 to 7 - page report on what all the symbols mean, a final message, and affirmations. When you purchase a small 8 x 10 matted image, you receive a short version of this longer message. Larger sizes include the full report. The longer write-up can be purchased on request for a small fee. These universal messages are designed to resonate with the vibration of unconditional love.



“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”
~ Richard Bach


"Everything you do and say is public relations."
~ Anonymous


Third Eye Arts Studio/Gallery is located at 201 South Division Street in the “artsy” city of Peekskill, NY. It is nestled right up against the beautiful Hudson River. The gallery is a warm, friendly environment filled with unique, insightful and beautiful paintings, stained glass, mosaics, mirrors, cards, and much more.

Come stop by for a free oracle card reading from Nadine Gordon-Taylor's “Heart Path Oracle Deck”



Represented by Third Eye Arts: Doris Renza @

Doris Renza makes mosaic bowls, plates, mirrors, and one of a kind pieces of jewelry. She also creates meticulous and vibrant collages, and paintings. She gathers her inspiration from the gifts of mother earth and the beauty of the Hudson River.

oracle cards


The Heart Path Oracle Deck (Self Published Ed. Sold Out)
44 Card 100 Page Booklet  • The Third Eye Studio

The Heart Path Oracle Cards have been created to help bring beauty and balance into your life. The messages contained within this deck allow you to access new and loving energies that will inspire, empower, and heal. The messages contained within are not predictive, they are here to gently guide you knowing you have all the wisdom and knowledge within.

Inner Traditions Bear And Company Edition Of The Heart Path Oracle Cards

I am so excited to share with you that Inner Tradition Bear and Company has published the updated version of The Heart Path Oracle Cards. Nine new cards have been added to the deck! The cards and book (and text) are larger and the box has a magnetic enclosure.

Now Available!

The Animal Love Oracle Cards
Advice, Compassion And Wisdom From The Animals
Coming June 2021 By Inner Traditions Bear And Company

Order Today!

Featuring 52 Animal Cards including two Wildcards & Guidebook
Follow the positive and encouraging advice from the animals with this inspiring and beautiful Animal Love Oracle deck. It is designed to resonate with the wisdom of the animals and universal love. This is the beginning of a new time in your life and the ending of any limiting beliefs.Know the animals are holding you in the heart of Divine Love.



I am so grateful for all the people who have been moved by my work and shared their voices with me. If you want to contact me to share any experiences you have while viewing, meditating, reading, and/or discussing my art please write to me at

I would love to hear from you.



"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about" ~ Oscar Wilde



p. 914-523-8250

Third Eye Arts Gallery: 201 S DIVISION ST, PEEKSKILL, NY, 10566

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