Butterfly Psyche Soul

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All Third Eye Studio Giclées are printed by Sarazen Editions on ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag paper. Giclées are archival reproductions made from Nadine's orginal watercolors and drawings.

$ 35.00 USD
Intuitive Message

"Now is the time for change. There are many who are still sleeping and have not left the safety of their cocoons/bubbles. You have awakened and emerged from your comfortable home and are contemplating whether to fly to the Purple City or take a different path. You are listening to the still, quiet voice of your heart, which will always lead you where you need to go. Remember that you have been birthed from the love of all the souls who have gone before you; you are part of them and they you. The “Tree of Life” has fed and protected you so you can fly knowing that your navigation system is not your mind, but your heart..."