"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." ~ Oscar Wilde


I am so grateful for all the people who have been moved by my work and shared their voices with me. If you want to contact me to share any experiences you have while viewing, meditating, reading, and/or discussing my art please write to me at I would love to hear from you.


I gave the deck to my disabled daughter and she is having daily breakthroughs from using it so be aware your work is very much appreciated.


"You are the change that the world needs"

Alexa 3/10/23

"My mother's best friend gifted me your Heart Path Oracle Deck. Today I am 2 weeks recovering from double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Your deck is beautiful, moving, inspiring, and healing. I am so grateful for your work to have received these amazing images and messages."

"It was so nice to see you. My sister can't stop talking about how much she loves the deck."

DD 2/27/23Y

"I love you and what you do...Since my divorce and the passing of my father…the Heart Path Oracle Deck was left behind by my partner and I tapped into it…it has guided myself within and supported the journey deeper and deeper. Thank you."

"Just a note to tell you I bought a few decks of your beautiful cards last Christmas. I kept one and gave the others as gifts. I love mine so much and have been meaning to write and tell you. And now, one of the woman who received a deck just wrote to me.

“ Good morning! Thinking of you today and hope all is well. Thank you again for the beautiful oracle deck. I’ve shared these cards with friends a few times now (again today after a sunrise meditation with three other women) the messages are always spot on. Such beautiful artwork too. "

🙏🏼❤️“ Randi NY

My best friend who is a reiki healer uses this deck every day for herself and clients. SHE LOVES THIS DECK - it brings her great peace.

~ Jan NYC

Dear Nadine,

I am enjoying my intuitive portrait and summary and appreciate all the time and loving care that you have put into them. They are both beautiful and have already helped me to feel more hopeful about my current circumstances and my future!

~ DD. Florida

Dear Nadine,

My mom bought me a set of your heart path cards, and I wanted to let you know how much I love them!! I just started using them last night and this morning, and the two messages I got were so on point with what I was asking. I can’t wait to use them every day. They’re so meaningful and beautifully illustrated. I’m actually going to get a deck for a friend this holiday season! Love love love them, thank you for putting your work out there in this format.

~ JW

"A gateway to the invisible"

A quality, magnetic flip top box contains the cards and the instruction book. Each card offers artwork and title and keywords on the face. The book has meanings for each of the cards. Both art and text provided by New York experimental and visionary artist, tutor and gallery owner, Nadine Gordon-Taylor MFA, EdD.

"Step through the portal" "Designed to be felt rather than intellectually understood" "The symbols are our mentors". The card images are very busy and I found could perform a reading of my own from just a small section of the card, such as an animal, plants, etc. Using the book for meanings takes learning, but the affirmation and text provides a reading for oneself, and for another too if required. Either a one card, a three card or a four card reading.

The cards are designed to "resonate with the vibration of unconditional love".

Hi Nadine,

While traversing through cyberspace looking for those of pure heart who share their gifts and blessings with others I discovered your divine presence. You are doing work the touches the soul. I found everything on your site to be positive and inspiring. Know that you are making a profound difference in peoples lives. Thank you for being you. I wish you joy, happiness and continued success.

Hi Nadine,

I have been completely LOVING the Heart Path Oracle deck you've created, and I just had to tell you so! BIG thanks and gratitude to you for this wonderful insight, awareness, and opportunity to "play in the heart of the universe"!!  I am learning wonderful things and it is helping me very much on my path…your work inspired me greatly…thanks and much love!!

"Lovely atmosphere, great conversation and beautiful artwork."

"Your art and cards keep me close in spirit. You’re one of my biggest expanders and I’m so grateful you're in my world...You’re an Oracle to us all."

“Nadine Gordon-Taylor’s Heart Path Oracle Deck is strikingly beautiful and imaginative, combining intricate natural elements with stunning, colorful geometric designs.  I enjoy using the deck, not only because the artwork thrills me every time I pulled a card, but also because of the sensitivity of the writings in the accompanying booklet.  Her wise, shamanic perspectives seemed geared towards deepening the relationship between the reader and the natural world and is a great support for ever-expanding spiritual evolution.  I was gratified to host an event with Nadine during which she pulled cards for unknown persons on the call and absolutely accurately expressed not only what was going on in their lives but how to navigate through them.  I highly recommend Nadine’s work!”

Nadine Gordon-Taylor is a woman of amazing talents and insights in her art.  Each time I pull one of her cards I am carried to a different level in a gentle opening way.  She has had many opportunities to study her art, to learn on her own and to grow in her spiritual understandings, that added to her beautiful Heart Path Oracle Cards with Miraculous Messages of Love. Her artistic talents bring beautiful images to each of us who have the opportunity of seeing her cards and using them in a daily way to assist one on their daily journey.    Each picture seems to flow into the heart of those looking at them.  Her pictures are not stagnant, but grow as you read her words and take moments to flow into the picture being described by her words, her story about the different aspects of her individual cards.  I am truly in awe of her gifts of art, gifts of understanding and the wonder of how she brings each aspect to life for those of us fortunate enough to have a deck. Blessings to all - run, don't walk out and get a deck!

Dear Nadine,

The Heart Path Oracle deck is stunning to look at! And as a visual and emotional support for those who are in the process of awakening, my opinion is that they are invaluable. The cards are symbolic and archetypal in nature and are positive, uplifting and informative. They support my process well especially on those days when questioning the process seems natural. I have never been thanked for having gone through a dark night of the soul before! I was synchronistically led to this deck and I knew that I had to have them. I wasn’t wrong as they continue to support my process daily. I’m grateful that Nadine birthed this uplifting tool into the world.”

Dear Nadine, 

Thank you for the time and loving effort you dedicate to your art in service to others. I am very excited about my portrait and report! They couldn't arrive at a better time as I have been praying for guidance hence the seven pages 😱 !!!!!!!Thank you so much!

“Dear Nadine,

I just received your cards and WOW I was so moved by these exquisite images! And all the symbolism that moves gracefully among them! Oh my!!! …all these constitute an incredible body of work - designed with great intent and love! I can’t wait to share them with a group of women friends who will love having them to explore our “heart paths.” I am simply moved just looking at each one! Lovely, lovely work…thank you for making all these beautiful images available to many. ”

“Dear Nadine,

These oracle cards are phenomenal! The artwork is stunning; in our daily lives we try to find peace in the midst of chaos. Some days are better than others. Having the opportunity to pull a card and set my day is an investment in well-being.”

Like a bouquet of heartfelt sentiments, Nadine’s card sets have been very successful as gifts.

“This 44-card deck is designed to resonate with the vibration of unconditional love and the accompanying 100-page booklet offers explanations of the symbols, the message they contain, and an affirmation to embody the wisdom offered. Nadine created this deck to bring beauty and balance into one’s life with the hope that positive messages found in the deck will allow people to access new and loving energies that inspire, empower and heal. Over the years, we have worked with many different decks of divination, In these times of extreme polarity, this deck speaks powerful and profoundly, calling us to move more deeply into the unity of our hearts. The messages contained within these cards, gently and lovingly guide the user to heart-centered truth and clarity.
What a lovely gift!”

I received the print in perfect condition. Thank you! After seeing it in person and reading the description you wrote, I've been inspired to purchase the second half of the diptych! There's so much energy in your work. Thank you so much for working and creating the way you do.

“Dear Nadine,

Thinking of you..... I have held you in my heart in a constant state of gratitude. Your art heart has added to my Self discovery. I use your card creations daily and I hope you can feel the joy from meWith Love and gratitude

Dear Nadine,

I want to thank you so much for sending us the painting you did in honor of Drew. It is the most beautiful painting and has now become our most treasured possession!! We love it and it is more meaningful to me than I can say. It came in perfect condition, in the most beautiful folder. The interpretation was detailed and helpful. Thank you so very much!!!

I was immediately drawn to invest on this deck. The art and affirmations exceed my expectations. It is spectacular!

Dear Nadine,

Hello, I had contacted you a while ago about buying oracle cards. You informed me you were all out but you directed me to some stores that might have them. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I LOVE them. I own many boxes of cards and I read tarot, but these have quickly become my go-to cards for everyday guidance and inspiration. They are absolutely beautiful and the messages speak to my soul. I am planning a trip to your studio in Peekskill  and cannot wait to buy some of your art. Blessings

Dear Nadine –

Your artwork enriches our lives. You spread beauty and deep thought to each piece of your work. Thank you for being you.

Dear Nadine,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class this summer and what a privilege it was to be about to learn from someone as talented and accomplished as you are. The experience opened my eyes to things I forgot existed…..I was awestruck by the work you brought to our second class…can't put it into words but really blown away by it

Dear Nadine,

I was able to order your beautifully wonderful Oracle Cards and I also ordered 2 other amazing cards! I can’t thank you enough for your caring and support. You are a true inspiration to me, and I’m sure to very many others! I am really looking forward to including your Oracle Cards into my Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions! They will be an such an inspiring gift available to my clients. I will feel very centered and honored to provide your cards as a reminder that love is the way for ourselves and the planet. Sending Love and Light to you.”  cards, gently and lovingly guide the user to heart-centered truth and clarity. What a lovely gift!

Dear Nadine,

I just received your painting and I wanted to to say a very humble thank you. It made my mind and heart click on and I can't stop thinking and looking at it. I have been working on opening and listening to my heart for years and the painting you did reaffirmed my efforts. I am also gong through an important change in my life and this painting is very motivating. Thank you again from the bottom of my opening heart. Your creative art has made a difference in my life.

…I visited Nadine’s website and became enamored with her artwork. I felt immediately drawn to her artistic explorations of the natural and metaphysical worlds…Each card is a beautiful mini work of art but it's combined with the guide book's comprehensive interpretations and affirmations of love, light and healing that truly make these cards special. The best way I can describe my overall experience withNadine and her Heart Path cards, is to say that I have since reconnected to an aspect of my own creative energy that I had too long neglected. And this seems to be the whole point of these cards... to help gently guide the user back to an open and receptive state of heart and mind…Nadine's Heart Path Oracle cards are like a little box of light and love that help us tap into the inner wisdom we all possess. Thank you for your art and this beautiful set!  

Beautiful deck of oracle cards by an exceptional artist.  

“I love this deck. It speaks to my heart and soul and resonates in ways most other decks do not. I love how some of the cards are horizontal and how the card stock makes them shuffle easily. Maybe this deck is pure heart magic and the cards want to jump and sing for you. I've journaled with some of the cards because they offered doors into heart exploration while others made me think for days. They are simple yet complicated and very deep. I waited for the right time to buy them when my heart told me I needed them and I'm glad I did. They are pricier than most other oracle decks but well worth it for the wisdom, peace, healing and heart, of course, that you get."

The Heart Path Oracle Card are layered with symbols that focus on, but are not limited to, omens from nature such as animals, plants, minerals and astrological symbols. They are combined in unique thematic ways. The book gives an in-depth description of the symbols on the cards as well as an empowering and detailed message, and an affirmation.It is clear from her interpretations of the cards that Taylor has spent time meditating on the meaning of these symbols and knows what she’d talking about.After working with this deck, I’ve found it to be especially good for providing insights into spiritual and life purpose questions. It’s a nice deck for daily draws and has been uncannily accurate for three-card readings.

Gorgeous oracle deck with amazing imagery and a full color guidebook that goes into great detail of the rich symbolism within the images. Certainly not your standard Oracle deck.

Dear Nadine, Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class this summer and what a privilege it was to be about to learn from someone as talented and accomplished as you are. The experience opened my eyes to things I forgot existed…..I was awestruck by the work you brought to our second class…can't put it into words but really blown away by it

Beautiful oracle cards by an extremely talented artist.

"Pulled a card today! Loving this deck. the creativity, uniqueness and thought in each card brings tears to my eyes. I just love it!"

"Your oracle cards put me on a new and exciting path."

"A visually impressive, inherently fascinating, thoughtful and thought-provoking divination card set, The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love will prove to be a welcome and enduringly popular addition to personal, professional, community, and college/university library Metaphysical Studies collections."

"I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful Hearth Path Oracle cards you have created. They always soothe me and give me a fresh perspective when I use them. I have shared and given as gifts to several people. Thank you for making them! Words cannot explain how much I appreciate them."

"Hello Nadine! Just reaching out to say thank you for sharing your energy and stories with us. You really impacted me, and I've been incorporating your Heart Path Oracle Cards into my daily meditation and reflection practice.
Your art on the cards and words of healing in the small book have been a vehicle of healing and reflection. Just wanted to let you know and thank you for sharing your energy and art with the world."

"Beautifully designed and unique among oracle card decks, "Animal Love Oracle Cards: Advice, Compassion, and Wisdom from Our Animal Mentors" is especially and unreservedly recommended for personal and professional metaphysical studies in general, and Tarot/Spirit Guide students and practitioners in particular."


I love your cards so much. They really are love personified. And the timing on them has left me speechless on occasions.  I want to come visit soon!"

"Nadine Gordon-Taylor’s Heart Path Oracle Deck is clarity and beauty. I met Nadine Gordon-Taylor as a Makeup Artist for Nadine’s Interview on New Realities TV with Alan Seinfeld. The artwork is intricate and symbolic from many disciplines.  A blessing to our current Socially Distanced environment. I feel the Intention in them and often use them, especially now, when connecting with family and friends and sharing our intentions and deep consideration over FaceTime or Zoom. After we’ve reconnected I will draw a card for them. I then take a photo of the image and text it to them so they can look at it while I read the message to them. Twice now we’ve all experienced goosebumps as the Interpretations speak to everything we shared. Literally one friend spoke about craving popcorn and the first sentence was…The card you have chosen shows a very agile snow leopard slowly descending a mountain of popcorn, completing an amazing sharing with ones we love. "

The artist does a lovely job capturing the essence of the animals. The cards are larger, but the card stock is not too thick. This is good for me as I have small hands, and with 52 cards in the deck I would have a hard time shuffling. I've been doing professional readings for over 20 years and I have a lot of tarot and oracle cards. Most decks don't make it into my readings, but these definitely will.

Hi Nadine,
I just received the Heart Path Oracle Deck. Its amazingly mesmerizing…I'm in love with your work. Thank you for creating this…It leads an intuitive like me to work on many layers since your cards are multi-dimensional…By far one of the most amazing oracle decks that I have come across…they are so meditative…so intriguing…Takes you on another level of quest and journey...Just love love love them!!

Nadine!  I am your biggest fan. THANK YOU for this. Your cards give me soothing connection to what is good and I’m hugely grateful. I have shared them with many. I am so happy they are widely available. The world is better for it.

Hello Nadine!
Just reaching out to say thank you for sharing your energy and stories with us. You really impacted me, and I've been incorporating your Heart Path Oracle Cards into my daily meditation and reflection practice. Your art on the cards and words of healing in the small book have been a vehicle of healing and reflection. Just wanted to let you know and thank you for sharing your energy and art with the world.

Hello Nadine!
"I was led to use this specific oracle card deck to do readings. Spirit used the word “heart” repetitively and I have found that I am very connected to this particular deck. There is a strong connection (to the heart) and every time I do a reading for myself, I find it resonates strongly."


Living Arts # 81

Seeing Into the Invisible

Living Arts # 62

Give and Take: The Virtues In Life

Give and Take: The Virtues In Life

Give and Take: The Virtues In Life

Give and Take: The Virtues In Life