The Hero's Journey: guidance and assistance is all around you

Humans have turned to divination for guidance and answers since biblical times and probably before. Divination is a way to give order to what seems like a random, chaotic, and at times perilous existence. In some ways, it also gives comfort knowing there is something much bigger than ourselves out there. To our ancient ancestors believing in the gods was akin to having attentive parents who had all the answers and would be there in times of need.

I believe we do have access to something special – call it God, Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Soul Guides, Source, or even Quantum Physics. I was directed by the universe to create the Heart Path Oracle Cards. It was not even on my radar as a fine art painter. People would come into my studio over and over again and ask me if I ever thought of creating a tarot or oracle deck. Eventually, I understood that I was being directed and started the process. What a journey I was guided to take!

The Hero’s Journey and Fear

Both tarot and oracle cards take you on “The Hero’s Journey,” but my imagery was intuitive and didn’t follow the formula or template of the 78 card tarot. I ultimately decided that oracle cards were more in line with my soul purpose. The hero’s journey is a story about a quest (a mission from Source). The hero has to experience life’s ups and downs (challenges) in order to attain spiritual awakening. A hero is someone courageous; someone who doesn’t give up no matter what hardship is experienced. Ultimately the hero returns home victorious, spiritually transformed, and ready for the next adventure.

Oracle cards encourage the reader to take a similar journey—to face the truth about yourself and not give in to fear. Many people I have met are afraid of getting “readings” from divination cards. They think they will be told something negative. But when you remove labels such as positive/negative or good/bad and are open to learning something about yourself, you actually shift into positive energy. It is just how you perceive life’s lessons, challenges, and changes. Some of us welcome grand adventures and what ensues, while others prefer learning in a much more subtle and gentle manner. Either way, you gain knowledge. An activation of sorts takes place energetically and attracts to you to your next inner and outer transformation (or lesson). You, like the hero, transcend your previous limitations and move on to the next experience of your journey. What seems negative at the time, may actually lead you to something quite wonderful.

The Heart Path

The Heart Path Oracle Cards provide you with an open channel to your personal intuitive portal – one that connects your heart with your Higher Self. It activates and aligns you with what you need to hear to help you on the next stage of your journey. It is about allowing emotional and spiritual wisdom into your life and being ready to let this maturation process work its magic. When used regularly, the cards act as a catalyst nudging you to wake up and see things as they are, not as you think they are. You learn that your actions create your reality. You steer the ship; you decide on the road to take. If you choose to use divination cards you energetically attract to you that which you need to hear. You are a powerful co-creator with the universe. What does that mean? It means you are much more in control of your life than you realize. Scientifically speaking, you are part of a field of quantum energy – what you put your attention to manifests or what you give out you get back. There is nothing to be afraid of, it actually is quite liberating. When you send energy out from the heart, it boomerangs right back! Let’s pull a card from the deck to illustrate.

A Sample Daily Card:

Shuffle your deck. At this time you can ask a question or not. If you are open you will always receive what you need to hear. When I shuffled the deck for this reading, I asked the universe, “Which card would be best for the reader’s soul growth and highest and best good at this time?” The universe selected:

“Soul Assistance Soul Guidance”

This card’s title immediately makes the meaning clear: you are not alone, you are being guided. As you look more closely at the card you see not only Althea (a guardian angel) but also guides from nature: two owls, three kittens, mountains, the Earth in the shape of a basket, and a quartz pendulum (among other things). The description on the card goes into much more detail.

The “Soul Assistance Soul Guidance” Message:

We all have soul guides; some people call them guardian angels. These loving beings have been part of your life since you were born. They silently observe all that happens to you, but they never partake in your life drama. They can’t control what you do, they basically just point you in the right direction. You do the rest. You may have sensed them in the “space between your thoughts” just before falling asleep or when you get through a really difficult situation. When you connect with your soul guide you feel them fill you with light and energy. Althea is part of a network of beings from different planes connecting you to the whole of humankind. She is here to help you and humanity progress to heart-based consciousness. The dot in the circle on her forehead symbolizes the creative spark of divine consciousness that connects us all together. It is also the symbol for Archangel Michael, who is a protector and “slays” that which can hurt us. Symbolically, he is here to help you quiet your ego and be less fearful.  

The two owls in this card are guiding you to something you have always known but forgotten. Your three cats are here to remind you that there is magic in the air; maybe you will go on a promising new adventure. They advise you to go within, follow your intuition, and be confident. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. Like the cat, you might need to distance yourself from some people or situations. Sometimes the best cure for a problem is to step away from it.  Cats are also associated with healers and healing. Their purring is on a healing frequency so they can actually heal themselves, or us, with it. What is not well known about cats is that they help us with meditation and journey with us in our dreams. This may be due to the fact that cats love to sleep with humans. When they do, they assist us in our adventures. Now is the time to birth new, innovative ideas, trusting that there is a higher force helping you find your own unique perspective! What you bring to light now will shift the planet!

Affirmation: I am here to uncover that which has been hidden.

This card answers the question I asked earlier, about what is the best advice at this time for the reader’s soul growth. Its positive message reminds you what you already know but have either forgotten or just been too caught up in the drama of life to hear. Simply put:

           - you are not alone, you have guidance and support from the angelic realm

           - they are here to help you

           - soul guides only communicate through the heart –their messages are always positive

           - we are all connected

           - there is no reason to be afraid

           - only do what feels intuitively right (not what the outer world says it right)

           - animals like cats are on this journey with you and are here to help you with your quest

           - you are a unique creative being that has volunteered at this time to help in your own special way (respect yourself and your talents)

The affirmation is vibrational (quantum), it needs to be read out loud as well as repeated quietly in your mind—many times. You cannot say it enough. Sometimes you will get the same card more than once until you assimilate its message. Knowing something intellectually (with the ego) is not the same as integrating it into cellular memory. The field of quantum energy is very specific. It keeps attracting the same thing until you change the frequency or channel.

I actually got the same card three days in a row—even though I vigorously shuffled the cards. And one time I did a three-card reading with my daughter; she insisted it was for me and I insisted it was for her. So we started over again (shuffling the deck, of course). The same three cards came out in the same order! What are the odds of that? When your “quantum” Higher Self wants to get something across to you, it won’t stop until it does! You can only progress to the next leg of your hero’s journey when you have sufficiently learned and assimilated each previous lesson.

Sample Three-Card Spread

When you feel you understand how to read one card and want a more in-depth experience, you can pull three cards. The first card would interpret what brought you to where you are now (the past), the second card would share your current issues (the present), and the third right card will give you a glimpse of your next lesson (the future). This spread needs to be given adequate time for you to meditate on each card and understand the dominant lessons you feel you either have learned or need to learn. It would be good to keep a journal of your readings for a while to see your intellectual and spiritual progression. For example, I pulled the following three cards for you:

1. Looping: Cycle of Life and Death: Honor, Bless, and Release the Past (the first card, the past).

2. Spiritual Slumber: Now is the Time to Wake Up (the middle card, the present).

3. Acknowledging Your Uniqueness: Embrace What Makes You Different (the third card, the future).


Before reading the write-ups, look at the card titles and intuitively see how they relate to you. This is what I intuited:

  1. The past: There is something or someone from the past (this life or another) that you have finally let go of. It may or may not have been voluntary, but you have moved on allowing the next part of your life to begin. You can reflect on the sadness and joy of overcoming something. But I suspect that you are anxious to grow and evolve.
  2. The present: You are ready to wake up to and accept your role and responsibilities in your current life. This could be with friends, family, work, or maybe a more spiritual role such as a mentor in your religious group or environmentally to help the planet.
  3. The future: You need to be your own champion! There is something you are really good at that you have not acknowledged or you are letting your mind get in the way by comparing yourself with others. Trust that you were born with your own set of unique tools to help transition our planet to heart-based consciousness. When you do, you will find the universe helps and supports your passion and you will be noticed.

After this exercise, you can move on to read the message of each card and their affirmations and see how you feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically. With these new insights, you might even want to create something wonderful. Write, draw, paint, collage, compose, dance, and/or sing. The world we live in now is spinning like a top. We are in the midst of a necessary cycle of extreme change as Uranus would teach us.

Although you may not believe this, you have signed up to be here on this planet during this amazing planetary transformation. I am so honored to be here with you at this extraordinary time. We are in this together. As one of my dear friends always says to those awake on their path, “You are all spiritual warriors, spiritual ninjas!” So be conscious of your mission and fight with the most powerful weapon you possess—your heart! You are all my heroes. Never forget the power you hold with just your mind and thoughts. You are all creative, brilliant, and most importantly resilient beings! Add to that your resounding resolve and we will together manifest Heaven on Earth!

© 2020 Nadine Gordon Taylor

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