"Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records." William Arthur Ward‍

Hi All,

Passover is a historical event - but I also feel its meaning (and message) is for all people from all backgrounds. Given what we are going through I feel it is also a message about healing - here is my spiritual interpretation: 

Now is the time to learn to stand up for yourself - don't let anyone into your space who is overbearing, negative and self-centered. Have safe, healthy boundaries. Liberate yourself from your constraints and ask yourself what it means to be truly free. What is enslaving you? Yes, there are outside influences such as government, money, even the laws of physics. But what is most important is to look inside yourself and see what controls your actions. We think we have total freedom in how we respond to things - but do we? Are there unconscious programs running?  Once you take the time to explore (and unlock) your unconscious - you have the power to go beyond your limitations!

We are in this together on planet Earth (whether we volunteered, came kicking and screaming, or just don't know how we got here).

The pandemic is teaching us to see everyone as important and special - to see everyone as One - no more duality - no good, no bad - no one right, no one wrong. It is burning up the old beliefs and making room for new healthy ones. When you meditate today - meditate on releasing that which you know as well as that which you don't know, is controlling and enslaving not only you, but all of humanity. Be open to any insights that pop into your mind - they are all valid and all messages are from your higher-self - whatever you label it as: God, Angels, Messengers, Aliens, and/or Spirit Guides.

In honor of Passover do a "Mitzvah" - an act of kindness for yourself and someone else today.

Much love to you all.



I just finished a commission called, "The Keeper of Fire: The Force Generated by Your Actions." I started it before the pandemic, but the two phoenix birds are on point for what is going on. Like all life forms, the phoenix is a powerful symbol here to teach you about your inner gifts. Most of us are functioning on automatic and have little time to venture deep inside our personal soul journey blueprint to learn who we really are and why we are here at this time. The phoenix is your personal “revealer” and brings everything to an ultimate conclusion! So take a deep breath and get ready. You have layers and layers of “time shields” that keep you from remembering different energetic time-lines (this includes past lives and parallel lives). Only that which pertains to this time-line is required at this time, but we can carry around unnecessary emotional imprints from all these experiences. The phoenix bird accelerates the burning up of these old shadow memories (past beliefs and habits) and clears the way for you to continue unencumbered by them. It is a part of you and the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. It clears away that which is not needed and weighing you down. The nuclear fusion of the sun keeps all of us alive - the phoenix’s “karmic blaster” keeps everything relevant. Both the sun and phoenix burn bright releasing enormous amounts of energy- and whatever it takes away, it always brings back (like the sun that seems to leave us every night but comes back every morning).

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