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"All is healed - because you know in your core that you never were broken. The pain of lack in the stories you define yourself by is filled up and overflowing - with love."
~ Gail Brenner

Oracle Cards

The Heart Path Oracle Deck
53 Card 125 Page Booklet  
Published by Bear and Company
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The Heart Path Oracle Cards have been created to help bring beauty and balance into your life. The messages contained within this deck allow you to access new and loving energies that will inspire, empower, and heal. The messages contained within are not predictive, they are here to gently guide you knowing you have all the wisdom and knowledge within.

Inner Traditions Bear And Company Edition Of The Heart Path Oracle Cards

I am so excited to share with you that Inner Tradition Bear and Company is publishing the updated version of The Heart Path Oracle Cards. Nine new cards have been added to the deck! Both the cards and book (and text) are larger and the box has a magnetic enclosure.

The Animal Love Oracle Cards
Advice, Compassion And Wisdom From The Animals
Coming In June 2021
By Inner Traditions Bear And Company
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Featuring 52 Animal Cards including Two Wildcards & Guidebook

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Follow the positive and encouraging advice from the animals with this inspiring and beautiful Animal Love Oracle deck. It is designed to resonate with the wisdom of the animals and universal love. This is the beginning of a new time in your life and the ending of any limiting beliefs. Know the animals are holding you in the heart of Divine Love.


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