Abyssinian Mystery

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All Third Eye Studio Giclées are printed by Sarazen Editions on ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag paper. Giclées are archival reproductions made from Nadine's orginal watercolors and drawings.

$ 35.00 USD
Intuitive Message

"The card you have selected shows a beautiful domestic “Aby” cat named Maya peering out from a dimensional portal. She is most likely of Ancient Egyptian lineage and the closest breed of cat to the sacred cats of ancient Egypt. When the cat shows up in your life it signals a time to slow down and start paying attention to your surroundings. Learn to be in your own skin so to speak. Accept who you are and enjoy your own company…Aby's are very active, more then most cats, and will find something to amuse them if you don’t. They stay kittens for most of their life..."