Divine Order of New Beginnings

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All Third Eye Studio Giclées are printed by Sarazen Editions on ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag paper. Giclées are archival reproductions made from Nadine's orginal watercolors and drawings.

$ 35.00 USD
Intuitive Message

"There is a natural order in your life. Transformation is etched into your DNA. Although change is constantly happening, the universe wants to speed up the process this year. Expect that which no longer serves you to fall away. But - the universe wants you to be happy. Move confidently in the direction of what brings you joy. Do what you love. If you can’t do want you love full time, add it to life part-time. Go with the flow and imagine you are surfing the waters of your emotions. Release any hurts from the past that you are carrying around. Break free from unhealthy emotions. When you do this you will actually enjoy the ride. People and things come into your life to teach you lessons. Once the lesson is learned you move on to the next one. Forgive and see the lesson for what it is."