Imagination Creates Reality

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All Third Eye Studio Giclées are printed by Sarazen Editions on ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag paper. Giclées are archival reproductions made from Nadine's orginal watercolors and drawings.

$ 35.00 USD
Intuitive Message

“The gerenuk (which is all about speed and optimism) is allowing the toucan barbet (which is all about self-esteem and being noticed) to sit on its head. The message that comes across in this reading is how important it is to believe in and love yourself and share that love with the world. This could be done through work and/or spiritual beliefs…The snake plants are furnishing all the animals with lots of fresh oxygen. Oxygen gives you energy and clarity. With the help of the energizing snake plants and the unzipping and removal of the clouds, that which was hidden (emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically), will become visible. The lunar moth heralds a time of rebirth and renewal and the giraffes help you see more than you have ever noticed before. Get ready for the time of your life! Affirmation: I release any negativity that prevents me from seeing my true light.