Cardinal Hearts: Passion, Renewal, and Self-Confidence

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All Third Eye Studio Giclées are printed by Sarazen Editions on ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag paper. Giclées are archival reproductions made from Nadine's orginal watercolors and drawings.

$ 35.00 USD
Intuitive Message

"Cardinals are spunky little critters that play a big role in your life. They act like messengers connecting your loved ones in the spirit world with you here on Earth. They also carry your prayers and questions back to “Source.” When a cardinal appears in your life, your intuition (the voice of spirit) will be strong… Cardinals help you to strengthen your resolve and are good to call upon when you are feeling a bit down. Focusing on their energy gives you a shot of adrenalin! They remind us of what we came here to do and help us to help others as well. Sing your beautiful song to the world and know that you can call on the cardinal for passion, self-confidence, and renewal. Surround yourself with the energy of the cardinal and let it take you to a new dimension. There you will find three hearts that will transform your health, work, and love life! Affirmation: I set clear intentions and accomplish everything I set out to do!