Typography Style Guide

Given below is the style guide for all the text in the template, that is, headings and paragraphs. Properties other than 'typography' may vary according to the design.


Heading 1



Heading 5

This is a paragraph. Sed cursus et sapien ut dapibus. Aliquam a nulla non lectus dapibus accumsan. Donec finibus, eros eu tincidunt venenatis, felis nibh posuere lacus, eu egestas nunc urna sit amet nibh.

This font and styling is used for the logo and the navigation links
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Color Usage
Color Name : Body
Hex : #101015
Color Usage : Body, Bg Dark
Color Name : Flex Container Fill
Hex : #22222a
Color Usage : Flex Container Symbol
Color Name : Flex Container Border
Hex : #ffffff At 7% Opacity
Color Usage : Flex Container 2 Symbol
Color Name : Off-White
Hex : #fefefe
Color Usage : Logo, Main Heading, Nav Link
Color Name : List Item
Hex : #bfbfd8
Color Usage : List Item
Color Name : White
Hex : #ffffff
Color Usage : List Item Span, Headings and Details on smaller breakpoints
Color Name : Logo Span
Hex : #63637e
Color Usage : Logo Span
Color Name : Text Link Color
Hex : #d6cfcf
Color Usage : View Details Link
Color Name : Details Color 1
Hex : #bdbdd5
Color Usage : Project Year, Client Name Span, Details Bold, Details, Services Blocks
Color Name : Details Color 2
Hex : #595971
Color Usage : Project Type, About Text Heading,
Color Name : Red Border 50% Op
Hex : #f68b9d At 50% Opacity
Color Usage : About Text Heading Bottom Border
Color Name : White Border 50% Op
Hex : #ffffff At 50% Opacity
Color Usage : Slider Arrows Border on Mobile Landscape and Portrait
Color Name : Red Border 15% Op
Hex : #f68b9d At 15% Opacity
Color Usage : Slider Arrows Border on Desktop
Color Name : Mobile Nav Bg
Hex : #1c1d1d
Color Usage : Mobile Nav