Elephant: Ancient Power

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Elephant- Ancient:Patient Power.jpg

Elephant: Ancient Power

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Elephant: Ancient Power

Animal Message: "This elegant and commanding giant has endured a great deal in this existence but confronts you with strength, honor and dignity. Elephant walks towards you with love and forgiveness in her heart, and asks that you do the same..."

Giclee prints are high resolution digital scans made with archival inks that I have printed on watercolor paper.

They come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Sizes vary due to proportions.

Any purchase will include a brief summary of the insights of the symbols I obtained while creating the work. Original and large giclee prints will include the full 5-7 pages write up.

Small is approximately 5" x 7" mounted 8" x 10".

Medium is approximately 8" x 10" mounted 11" x 14".

Large is approximately 12" x 14" mounted 16" x 20".

Original Image Size 8" x 10".

Large quantity orders will be discounted, please contact Nadine .