The Holy Grail: Twenty Seven Ways to Expand Your Heart and MInd


The Holy Grail: Twenty Seven Ways to Expand Your Heart and MInd

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“The Holy Grail: Twenty-Seven Ways to Expand Your Heart and MInd”

Animal Message: "Uranus represents the taming of chaos, birthing a totally new life and a new type of order. It is the cosmic alarm-clock; it is here to wake you up from a collective sleep by triggering dramatic events you don’t expect. It will do what it takes to shift your current reality to the next level.  The good news is that it also triggers your creative genius. The way to navigate this interesting astrological phenomena is to be flexible and to work through all issues with your heart...”


Listen to the wisdom of Uranus and its twenty-seven moons…they will help start the process in a loving way." 

Giclee prints are high resolution digital scans made with archival inks that I have printed on watercolor paper.

They come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Sizes vary due to proportions.

Any purchase will include a brief summary of the insights of the symbols I obtained while creating the work. Original and large giclee prints will include the full 5-7 pages write up.

Small is approximately 5" x 7" mounted 8" x 10".

Medium is approximately 8" x 10" mounted 11" x 14".

Large is approximately 12" x 14" mounted 16" x 20".

Large quantity orders will be discounted, please contact Nadine .