Welcome to The Third Eye Studio

Welcome home!

We live interesting times! Everything is changing so fast. It is important to focus on heart consciousness to keep your balance.

The images I create are here to add beauty and meaning to your life. They are to be meditated on and enjoyed. The symbols that appears in each piece have important information to share with you. There are layers of meaning in every image I create. Each time you look at my paintings you will receive new and meaningful insights and experience balance and beauty. The symbols will guide you with profound insights that will help you along your path. They will only reveal to you what you are ready to hear.

I have created art with symbols in it for as long as I have conscious memory. I consider myself a “translator” helping to you to tap into wider spectra of consciousness. My art is like a gateway to the invisible. Stepping through that opening unites you with a higher consciousness. As you experience colors, shapes, and objects in my art, you activate and align to inherent geometries of vibration that resonate and confirm our consciousness. Enjoy the journey with me and know you are connected to a higher order at all times.


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  1. Love your new website! “Bravo!”